As to its previous editions, the international symposium “New Trends in Metallic Material Processing” is connecting professional entities and specialists on two main axes:

  • TIME – connecting tradition to future and
  • PROCESS – bringing together specialists and practicians from various branches of the complex metallic material processing.

The symposium, which this year announces a prestigious international participation, is focusing on two main dirctions:

  1. Materials, Processes and Characterization
  2. Advanced Materials for Industrial Applications


This 4th edition, a special one, is meant to celebrate the 80 years* since the first achievement of ductile iron and to honour our esteemed professor and respected friend Iulian Riposan (75) who tide his professional life to all grades of iron, but especially to the once with compacted graphite.

(*) The microsamples of the heats tapped on April 12th, 1943 showed that the graphite had taken a spheroidal shape… and ductile iron was born.

Source: “The invention of Ductile Iron… in Mills own words”.
K. Mills, A.P. Gagnebin, INCO USA


Main Topics:

  • Advanced Cast Iron, Steels and Superalloys
  • Advanced Non-ferrous Alloys
  • Additive Manufacturing, from Prototyping to Industrial Application
  • Composite Materials
  • Advanced Metallic Materials for Unconventional Application
  • Prediction of Technological and Structural Characteristics of Materials
  • Characterisation of Materials
  • Recycling of Materials used in Metallic Materials Processing
  • Modern Equipment for the Metallic Materials Processing

Important dates:

Deadline for abstract submission – 31/03/2023

Deadline for hotel booking – 31/03/2023

Deadline for  registration  – 30/04/2023